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    NASCAR Completed

    July 28th, 2008 StrifeJester

    After having the game for a few weeks and getting into the Online system I have finished my review of NASCAR ‘09.  There wasn’t a lot of changes from the First Impressions but a few things I did like with the online play.  Head on over to the review to follow up and post your comments about the game.

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    NASCAR ‘09 Review

    July 16th, 2008 StrifeJester

    I have put up the First Impression Review of NASCAR ‘09 check it out in the pages section here.

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    I should have the Full review by the end of next week.

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    Honoria kept warning Dougless against her frequent bathing (three baths a week), and Dougless hated that the servants had to haul the tub into the bedroom, then lug in buckets of hot water.
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    July 16th, 2008 StrifeJester

    I will try to use different Themes for the different consoles until I have the time to create one that contains elements of everything I cover here.

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    New Blog Here

    July 16th, 2008 StrifeJester

    OK, here is the new http://consoles.strifejester.com blog.  I will be using this to write reviews for games, console apps and any other overall console gaming related items.  It is going to be designed for the more adult audience and I will do my best to be impartial.  The one thing I ask all users is please act your age, no flaming people who are expressing their opinion in an intelligent way.  If you own a system and want to write reviews or help contribute in any way please let me know.  I want this blog to be a place where gamers can get together and help each other out and leave the flaming to some of the blogs that are dominated by the people with no grasp of insightful commentary.  Most reviews will come in two parts; First Impressions, this will be after I have just a few hours logged into the game and Final Say, once I have completed the main story of the game.  I hope this will give people a chance to play through and form their own opinions, come back, and have a decent discussion about the game.  I will try to keep major spoilers out of reviews but make no guarantees.  Thanks for stopping by and if you like what you read here spread the word.

    But she shook her head and mumbled something he couldn't quite hear.
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